Li Hsing : Precision Cutting Tools Manufacturer

Li-Hsing Carbide Cutting Tools Manufacturer
was established in 1996. We always follow the company policy of "Constant R&D; Insist on Quality". From orders, manufacturing to delivery all ensure our carbide cutters and carbide tools have superior-good quality. Furthermore, Li-Hsing passed the ISO 9001 certification of quality management in 2007 which leading Li-Hsing gained a positive and professional image, becoming a more reliable cutting tools manufacturer.

We have been expanding markets successfully in Japan, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, and so on over 30 countries. With the support and appreciation of our customers, Li Hsing cutting tools manufacturer becomes more solid and stronger.

The high-quality carbide cutters like bull nose end mills, square end mills, and the ball end mill, etc. from Li-Hsing have established a good reputation in domestic and overseas industrial fields. Li Hsing solid carbide end mills can be used in aerospace, Inconel, medical treatment, die, and mold.

With the superior technological background, outstanding R&D capability, and the concept of insisting on quality, Li-Hsing cutting tools manufacturer will offer high-quality carbide cutters and carbide tools to help customers to improve their competitiveness.


Company History

  • 1996
    Founded under the name of “ Li Hsing Precision Tool Co., Ltd”.
  • 1998
    Recruiting of CNC professional and technical staff.
  • 1999
    Extend the number of processing machines.
  • 2001
    Extend international market and set up international trade department.
  • 2003
    Build new factory and purchased several CNC machines.
  • 2007
    Pass ISO 9001 certification of the quality management-Purchased OTEC machines.
  • 2008
    Lead-in ERP system.
  • 2011
    Purchased ZOLLER machines, the full-automatic measurement to promote the quality of carbide cutting tools.
  • 2011
    Be awarded the certification of “Taiwan Gold Medal Quality Product Award”.
  • 2016
    Comprehensive upgrade to comply with industry trends.
  • 2018
    Pass the certification of "TÜV Rheinland".
  • 2018~2019
    To improve efficiency and end mill quality, import new 5-Axis CNC machines and update system to adopt automatic production.
  • 2019
    Pass the certification of "D-U-N-S® Registered".
  • 2019
    Awarded "2019 Golden Hand Award for Outstanding SMEs".

Round Bars

Material CodeGrainWc%Co%Average GarinSize
Hardness HV30
[kg/ m㎡ ]
Hardness HRA
[n/ m㎡ ]
LH-250 MG 90 10 0.6 1610 92.2 3800 10.7 K20-K40
LH-460 MG 90 10 0.6 1610 92.3 4000 10.5 K30-K40
LH-500 UMG 88 12 0.5 1680 92.5 4000 10.0 K40-K50
LH-550 UMG 91 9 0.2 1920 93.9 4000 9.3 K10-K30
LH-600 MG 94 6 0.6 1900 93.8 4000 9.3 K05