Li Hsing Precision tools -Improve Customers' competitiveness

Li Hsing Precision Tool was established for more than 22 years, mainly products are CNC carbide end mills, corner radius end mill, forming tools, reamers, drills, micro boring tools, and irregular helix cutters. Products exported to Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the South Americas more than 30 countries are widely used in aerospace, medical, automotive parts, machinery and mold industrial fields.

In order to improve the tool quality, we- Li Hsing carbide end mill suppliers - have invested heavily in imported of Swiss ROLLOMATIC high-end grinding machines, German WALTER precision grinding equipment, German multi-axis CNC grinding machines, OTEC professional polishing machines, multi-slot ultrasonic tool washers, and German ZOLLER automatic tool measurements. The processing and testing equipment will be based on the concept of excellent technology background, technical R&D team, and insist on the best quality, provide customers with high-quality tools to help customers improve their competitiveness.

As leading solid carbide end mills manufacturers, our exclusive designed Irregular helix cutters have excellent shock resistance, cutting ability, and stability, and their excellent performance can greatly improve the processing efficiency. The company stated that the tools of irregular helix cutters adopt a 40-degree helix angle and unequal division design, providing excellent metal removal rate, and maintaining a good surface roughness performance, suitable for carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel, cast iron, high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, etc. for dry and oil mist cutting, they are currently used mainly for roughing, intermediate machining in slotting, side milling, and plunge milling.

The company pointed out that carbide tools like bull nose end mills are most afraid of vibration during machining. If vibrations can be reduced, the machining efficiency and tool life can be increased. The company has an irregular helix and variable spiral series. It adopts special cutter end mills having unequal division and spiral angle change design. After multiple cutting tests, not only the tool has better shock resistance during processing, but also the tool life is longer. And regardless of the high-speed machining, plunge milling, or side milling, all have excellent shock resistance, cutting ability, and stability, processing applications Vc value can up to 200m/min, significantly improve the processing speed and efficiency.